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  • What is a Scrum Master?
    A Scrum Master is the facilitator for an Agile development team. The Scrum Master manages the Scrum process for how information is exchanged. They Are the Master of Scrum in an organisation.
  • How Much Do Scrum Masters Make?
    Day rate - Starting from £350 Salary - Starting from £50k
  • How can Scrum be used?
    Scrum is a method that comes under the Agile Umbrella. This method can be used to run a project (IT and Non IT) as well as Business As Usual (BAU) or product development work.
  • Where would a Scrum Master fit into a company or organisation?
    A scrum master is employed to be the rule of scrum and ensure the Scrum Guide is followed. They work with the wider organisation to ensure the new ways of working are understood by all. ​ Click here to watch a video on the career path of a Scrum Master
  • Where do I book the Scrum Exam?
  • Do you have Instalment Payment?
    The Agile Squad expects full payment 5 Days before delivering any training. Pay a Deposit any amount to secure/booking. ​ After the initial deposit, any outstanding balance must be pay 5 Days before the course start date to receive all training related material.
  • I don’t work in IT, Can I Use Agile PM or Scrum?"
    Agile was created for IT environments and projects but this is no longer the case. We are assisting you in building an agile mindset and understanding a methodology. You don’t need to work in an IT environment to understand Agile. The agile method is about completing a piece of work from start to finish, focusing on the high priority first while ensuring you deliver items only of value. This works in everyday life, business, admin, events management, education-teaching and learning, cooking & everyday chores, the list is endless. Agile is for any and everyone, who wants to learn a better/more agile way of working.
  • What are the cancellation/rescheduling charges?
    Rescheduling Policy: Clients are to liaise directly with for rescheduling. ​ Charges: 10+ Working days’ Notice- Free Rescheduling 5 Working Day Notice- 10% Charge of initial booking Less than 2 Working Days’ Notice- 20% Charge of initial booking ​ Cancellation Policy: Clients are to liaise directly with for cancellations. All Refund payments will be made within 5 working days to the account details provide upon cancellation. ​ Charges: 10+ Working Days’ Notice- 10% Charge of initial booking 5 Working Day Notice- 50% Charge of initial booking Less than 2 Working Days’ Notice- 100% Charge of initial booking ​ Exceptional circumstances are considered, please send any information to

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